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Emily moved to the marina in 2010 after falling in love with both the community and the water surrounding it from which she draws inspiration in her creative work as an artist. Emily teaches watercolor and large abstract painting classes at Frank Bette Center in Alameda as well as the yearly Feather River Art Camp in Quincy, CA.

Jake and Steve


Jake and Steve moved to the marina in December 2021. They were drawn to the views of the water and how the light plays upon it, as well as the idea that you are living in nature. They were also drawn to the marina’s sense of community and its friendly people.  

They renovated a worn Victorian and brought it back to life . They also love to support Alameda businesses, shop locally, go to fun events, and attend the monthly Antique Faire out at the Alameda Point.

Igor and Yang


Igor and Yang moved to the marina in 2019 and have been remodeling their home ever since. They were drawn to it for its relatively affordable price, unique lifestyle on the water, and super friendly neighbors. Igor rides his bike everywhere and Yang has painted murals for local businesses. They love checking out new places and meeting new people in Alameda.



Betty moved to her floating home  April 2022 and is another relative newcomer to the marina. She states she was looking for a unique place to live within a safe, thriving, and supportive community.

Betty has volunteered at the Alameda Museum as well as Girls, Inc.

Jim and Kelly


Jim and Kelly moved to the marina just over 2 years ago. They chose to live at the marina because they love the water and were drawn to the tranquility of the community and the people who live here.

Kelly and Jim generously built the new “Lido Deck” located at the end of B dock; it is available for all marina residents to come and enjoy. Every day they pick up trash from the estuary to try and help keep the waters clean and safe and make every effort to shop locally.



Stu moved to the marina in 2019. He grew up living near water and enjoys the feeling of security and privacy that the marina offers. As a good citizen of the marina, Stu likes to help out other folks living here and also makes an effort to keep the marina environmentally sound.



Rosemary moved to the marina in 1992. She states it is a joy to float through life living in this wonderful community. For over 30 years she has been the Director of Alameda Meals on Wheels! 



Angela and her late husband moved to the marina from San Jose in 1989; as new empty nesters they wanted to switch up their lives. 

In 2002, Angela became a realtor and is an active member of the Alameda Association of Realtors and the East Bay Board of Realtors.

Erika and Mayumi


Erika and Mayumi moved to the marina in 1998. They love the people who live here in this ‘cool’ watery environment.

Over the years they have helped assist with the move out of floating homes at the marina that needed to be refurbished with new hulls. Together they volunteer at the Reap Center Farm, a science, technology, and art collective and also enjoy sewing, metal and woodwork.



Walter moved to the marina 40 years ago. After sailing by for several years he finally decided he wanted to live here and after seeing an ad in the Latitude 38 magazine for a floating home, the rest, he says, is history. He states that his floating home is a place of grounding where he can hide from the world, he calls his home, “Mi Casa Flotante”. He is very happy here and wants to stay a bit longer…



Sandy moved to the marina in 1982 after being offered housing here as part of her compensation from working for AC Transit, she is the has been here the longest and seen Barnhill thru so many changes. She is on the Board of Directors for the Alameda Credit Union and shops locally.



Beth moved to the marina in 2000 stating it was an opportunity for her to live on the water and also, the slip fees were affordable. 

She is a patron of the Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter, Island Cat Rescue, AMOW, and the Alameda Chamber of Commerce. Beth is also the kind soul who cares for and feeds the community of feral cats who live in the marina’s parking lot.



Vern moved to the marina for the economical berth fees in 2007 and lives on his sailboat. He has been the go-to-guy for repair work at the marina for many years and in particular fixes all the macerators, which is critical to Barnhill life. 



Bob moved to the marina in 2006 because he wanted to live on the water. He loves the Barnhill community and states it is very supportive and his neighbors overflow with loving kindness. 

Bob says he is a good entertainer, and all of us at the marina know he has an amazing voice and is very funny to boot.

Liz Williams


Liz moved to Barnhill Marina in 1989. She wanted to live on the water and the marina was affordable. She has been involved in asbestos cleanup activism has also been an activist for the Alameda Hospital.

John and Holly      


John and Holly moved to the marina in 2016 for the alternative lifestyle it offered. Holly bikes  20-30 miles every week in and around Alameda. John was a volunteer for the Alameda Meals on Wheels and  they love to support local businesses.

Rick and Leila  


Rick and Leila moved to the marina in 2012 after years of seeing the floating homes as they motored by on their boat. They finally pulled in and Angela sold them their home. Rick and Leila live half of the year in Florida and the other half at Barnhill.

Leila likes to coordinate social activities at the marina in an effort to keep the community connected and Rick works hard around the docks trying to set an example for how to keep them safe and attractive. For example, he has painted the electrical boxes around the marina to liven them up a bit! You can also find Rick “walking” his kitty Callie around the docks when they are back in residence.



Susan moved to the marina in 2015. She was drawn to living on the water after spending many years living in Hawaii and Minnesota—the Land of 10,000 lakes. She volunteers at the Alameda Meals on Wheels, Alameda Library, and Alameda Family Services.



Michelle moved to the marina in 2019 after her parents purchased the home (they currently live in Arizona). After starting a new job nearby, she was looking for a change in her life, discovered the West End of Alameda, and fell in love with it. She shops locally, bikes and roller skates around Alameda, and volunteers at the Maker’s Farm.  



Dominick moved to the marina in November 2020. He loves the water, and according to Dominick, “it’s where it’s always happening!” He was a Garbage Man for 30 years, 15 years of which were working in Alameda, “keeping it CLEAN!!” as he says.



Lisa moved to the marina in November 2020 and states that purchasing a home here will help her to reach her 5 year goal of retiring. And, she is a Cancer and belongs on the water!

Lisa was a volunteer for Meals on Wheels in Alameda and a Board Member for 4 years. A former chef, Lisa owned Why Cook? At Harbor Bay Island and for the past 20 years she has worked to create functional and beautiful kitchens for folks in Alameda.

Jamie and Bain


In 2020, Jamie found the perfect house in the marina to live with his partner and two children. It was a dream come true as he always wanted to live on the water. He participates in regular estuary clean up with his 12-year old son and his son’s friends and he shops locally.

In 2021, Bain moved in with Jamie and is now his roommate and is sharing the home with him. He was an auto mechanic for 15 years, but now works as a locksmith. He was drawn to the water because he loves sailing and the “pirate” lifestyle.

Lynn and Bob


Lynn and Bob bought their floating home in 2011. They always wanted to live on the water and this was an affordable way to make their dreams come to fruition. 

Lynn currently teaches History at California State University, East Bay and was Treasurer for the Alameda Museum for over 2 years.

Bob is an avid gardener and loves to provide a variety of fruits and veggies from his garden to the Barnhill community.

Jodi and Marvin 


Jodi and Marvin moved to the marina in 2003 after they fell in love and   loved the vibe of the community. They shop locally and support the other Barnhillians who live here.

Mike and Penny


Mike and Penny moved to the marina in 2014. They love living on the water and helping their neighbors.  



Eric moved to the marina in 2007. He loves living on the estuary in his sailboat has a fantastic view. He likes being close to work, home, and friends. Eric has helped move floating homes to dry dock for hull refurbishing over the years and also teaches folks to how to sail.


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