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Doug, his dogs, and his snow people

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Sure, we know Doug Parker.

We see him a couple times a day walking the well-loved old rescue dog, Karma. Oh wait, no that was Mojo. . . no Klondike, the talking dog. . . no wait, Milo or was it Khan, the amazing

blind dog Oh yeah, we’ve seen him with ALL those lucky rescue pups thanks to the kind and generous hearts of Doug and his beloved late partner, Barbara Edwards.


But did you know Doug is a 2nd generation “Barnhillian?” In the late 60s, his dad and step-mom lived on a power boat here, at which time 14 year old Doug was introduced to . . . well, the late 60s. Enough said. But, in addition to that, it was his dad who eventually got Doug into the commercial kitchen design business, which Doug has been doing now for about 25 years as Design West Partnership.


So how did Doug find his way back here?


Doug fondly remembered Alameda and the marina. As luck would have it, the house Richard Boland built for Ruth Dixon (now Lyn Haslam’s) was for rent and Doug returned home. Then, in 1996, he and Barbara had been together long enough to know they were “forever” and began looking for a home together. (Noted under “small world,” Lesley Dauphinee introduced them to each other.) Quite by accident, Doug saw the listing in the window of Gallagher and Lindsey Real Estate for the house in which he now lives.

Now here’s the secret:

Among all his other talents, Doug is a cartoonist! Those of us who have had the privilege of seeing some of his work have traveled the whole continuum between hysterical laughter to “huh?” At one time or another, we have all wondered how this creative mind of his works.

Now it’s your opportunity to ponder and enjoy. Here’s a sampling of some adventures with Doug’s snow people.

See Doug's cartoons instagram


Mojo and Karma






Face Off






Shoe Show




Falcon Training



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